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Annette and Natascha

The singer, actress, performer and author Annette Meisl lived in Madrid for three years, where she played the leading role in the film La Biblia en Pasta, among others. She toured throughout Spain with her own show "Alles Klar". In the nineties, she performed over a thousand times in Germany with her tango duo Arrabal and released two tango LPs. In 2009, she created the cult salon La Galana in Cologne, where she gives chanson evenings. In 2012, her novel "Fünf Männer für mich" (Five Men for Me) caused heated discussions in the media - from Plasberg to Markus Lanz - about the role of women. 2014/5 she presented a musical cabaret based on her book. In 2019, she presented the one-woman show CARMEN 5.0 and her first CD as a singer with her own songs.

After graduating from high school, she began her piano studies at the age of seventeen at the State Music College in Saratov (graduated with honors). From 1995 to 2000, she continued her training as a concert pianist and music teacher at the State Conservatory in Saratov, also graduating with honors. In 2003, she moved to Moscow, where she worked for Stage Entertainment on the musicals Cats and Mamma Mia, among others. She has accompanied Annette Meisl congenially on the piano for many years.

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